Origin and Mission

I’ve often been asked the question “Where did Flying Dreams come from?…and what does the logo mean?”  The answers are simple.  

I have always been enamored with the idea of flight.  In fact, ever since I was very young I’ve had a dream that I am flying through a field  and circling around a large tree in the center of the field.  I fly near it, over it, and around it.  I used to lay in bed at night and think about flying in order to try to get myself to dream that very special dream.  For me, it represented many things like freedom, excitement, beauty…  Most of all, however, I always had a feeling that it represented much more.  For me, the dreams were as close as I could get (at least for now) to Heaven.

So, Flying Dreams? …well that one is obvious :).  The logo? …the single large tree represents the large tree in the field that was/is the focus of so many of my dreams.  My mission? …to do my very best to share that feeling and bring a sense of freedom, excitement, beauty, and hopefully just a little touch of Heaven, to every photograph or video that I capture.

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